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I will not have anything bad said about this player or any other.

I am warning you all to keep it civil.

The kid was obviously the BEST option for goalie and that is why he played. The coaches want to win, they do not want to coddle the parents.. Can't wait for these parents to see what happens in college.. lol

Get over it!!

Larry 100% agree. This kid was a great goalie earned a lot of accolades. Never did I say a bad thing about him so don't know where the reference to an attack is coming from.

The issue at hand is a person insists that if a program has 10th graders on JV its a weak program. Really logically explain that to me. How many programs have 10 freshman and 10 sophomores playing up on Varsity. If a program is strong it has enough talented players in each grade to field a good JV and Varsity team. They dont need to rely on underclassmen to make varsity competitive. In the instance that there is a player that is good enough to be moved up they will be as a freshman sophomore even an 8th graders. Most good coaches would prefer to allow players to physically and mentally develop on JV. They are attacking Port JV for having Sophomore players. Not everyone is good enough to play Varsity in 9th or 10th. Some kids have to develop and mature. Yet this asshat keeps attacking Port and it's JV program and Varsity. I give an reasonable answer and they act like a child.

I m just warning the people who will come in to attack him.