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I also heard it was the AD who caught them and if that's true, where was the coach? Shouldn't he have a better idea of where his players were while a team dinner was going on. And why is the AD at an away game? Must have been some reason that she needs to travel with the boys lacrosse team.

Why was the AD there, why not? She is the AD, It was a big away game for them. I say kudos for her going. Maybe at school events you need a certain amount of chaperones per student, some qualified in CPR and blah blah blah... Maybe she Qualifies.

Why doesn't the coach know where they are, what kind of question is that. If it is true that their room had the issue, they were where he thought they were, probably doing what he feared. If, her room was across from the boys, as rumored, how dumb were they. She was probably across from them for a reason.