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As of yesterday; all involved players kicked off of team.. A one week school suspension was handed down. One known commit spot has been designated as "vacated" by that university.

Status of HC and AD unknown.

Coach reported to be "crying" as he informed his players of the situation at practice.

The HC must take the brunt of the responsibility in this case. Yes, parents should have could have done better and are suffering as a result; but the players are under the wing of the coach.

This coach has a long history of mentally beating down players. He has poor interpersonal relation skills. The result of this over the years has been for the players to show him as much respect as he shows them. There has been a loss of honor and values that stem from coaches instilling these virtues into his players and the players having pride in displaying the same.

The parents of this town sit huddled quietly and do not want to rock the boat as this coach has positioned himself as the gateway to college lax and expects the masses to bow down to him. And they do. His draconian practices are tolerated only as they have come to accept him as the savior.

It is time for this HC to come under review for his abusive ways. A psychological evaluation is not out of the question either.

Too many players have been subjected to this "crying" abusive person.

His tears I am sure are for himself and how much his image has been tarnished. He cares not one iota for his players as people nor does he take up the charge to be a true leader as one would hope and expect. His players would collectively put him through a wall rather than run through one for him.

Time for change. Drastic change.

Very well said. The iron fist in GC starts with the HC and his "club" program. Everyone is afraid of repercussions.

The word is many more kids left that hotel room right before the AD caught them. If that many kids were involved, and it was that apparent what was going on in the hotel, the HC did nothing to stop it and I would believe was ignoring the issue. The fact the AD was there made this come to light.