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I'm not sure who's posting this misguided information about JC. Could it be parents of kids not playing? Having 2 sons go through this program, I've might not have seen eye to eye with the coaching staff, but both of them did just fine. You see lacrosse is only part of your kid's future! Shouldn't education be very important. As far as the coaching staff goes they are united not divide! If anyone is to blame let it be NCAA that is allowing players (as early as 8th grade) to contact coaches therefore, verbal commitments are made. This becomes a problem for High School Coaches because those parents believe their kids should be moved up or starting. I have witnessed this first hand. You see, high school is like college in that you want to win at any cost. Are you going to deny a player who excels at football and lacrosse, the right to start because he chooses football over lacrosse? Should a player be denied a starting position because he hasn't decide early on what college is the right fit for him? Are you going to play an upper classman over a freshman who has better all around skills? [lacrosse] no people! If your kid can't handle standing on the sidelines tell him to go out and work harder! In college your not treated with kid gloves. If your kid can't take "harsh" criticism then college lacrosse is not for him! Here's a wonderful statement from a top notch, respected, D1 lacrosse coach that he gives every recruit's parents: I have an open door policy and you can come and talk to me at any time. There are only 3 things I want you to think about before you knock on my door 1-I think I know a little more about lacrosse than you do. 2- I'm going to be brutally honest with you. And 3 - I don't love your kid as much as you love your kid.
This is what your player faces in college lacrosse! If you think JC is tough then college lacrosse is not for them!
Lastly, fans are the same no matter where you! They hate the refs if they are losing and they blame the coaching staff if their team loses! 😉

There's a difference between being tough and dishonest. Lack of integrity has NOTHING to do with being a tough coach. It's more than 2 or 3 kids standing on the sideline who take issue with the tactics and empty promises and if you think that's all you are dillusional. Glad it worked out for your two kids.

TR sympathizers can leave and if you think he triumphantly returns and your kid will be rewarded you are mistaken.