"Best post" comment was in response to the below...Sorry I got the mechanics wrong, infrequent poster...

I have, I coached and I am passionate and loud. I've called out players, I grabbed at many a cage to get a players attention but never ever smacked them in anger upside their head. Wanted to but never did. I coached back in the 90's (when i was young) to very privileged boys. Their parents didn't care so much about the yelling, if it got to much they would have a conversation with me and we were usually on the same page at the end of the conversation (on my side - and that kid was set straight for at least a few weeks). With me it was not out of anger but tutelage and understanding timing, priorities and respect - life lessons.

I was fortunate (or unfortunately) to be put into an environment where a coach did hit a player upside the head. The dad said one thing to the Ad coach and staff...

"...Yell at him all you want, make him run or take time away... you are the coach, but, and let me make this clear... only I can put my hands on my son. Trust me I will take care of it... if it warrants, but you hit my kid and I will take care of you first pointing at the AD then you pointing at the coach. (All situations are different but all the rest of us could do was shake our head and think, the dad is right).

I am now a dad and been around the block. I have learned you don't always need to stay in a situation, if it is not to your liking or standards, just leave. No one needs to be a martyr. Some of our parents stayed in their jobs many miserable as could be, but they were told stay you don't leave. Why, because that was how things were done. Not anymore, life and things change. I believe their is a fine line of this woosification but I also believe we need to use common sense.

As far as the "thank you", just like everything in life, I too say Thank you to the coach, but only when deserved. Thank you's are not to be thrown around lightly. You can tell when a coach is doing it for the love of the game or the pay check. I have been disgusted by some of the coaching and development ive seen. AD's are no better, their lack of "want" to do the right thing and their lack of "passion" to get better has been eye opening. So "thank you's" are only said when deserved. Just like "Good Job", those seem to be handed out like candy, does a player who didn't play in a game get a "good job", NO!

Now the above is just that a situation lapse in a moment in time. This seemed to be a mistake in a heated moment. I am also for forgiveness since we all have our moments (as long