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Nothing different. You are acting like the word championship and Kellenberg were used in the same sentence. They had a few good players come through and played well but they don't have the horses or should I say ponies in the barn.

Same brothers that run Chaminade run Kellenberg. Not about the sports

The coach is terrible. Get him outta there and maybe more kids would go there and it would help the school's finances. Nobody want's to play for him. Nasty guy. By having him there it's actually hurting the school's finances too.

That's interesting about the coaching. Didn't know that. Have a 7th grader but live in Suffolk. Maybe have to rethink that commute.

Just so I have this right, you're going allow an anonymous poster's comments, which you have no idea if they have merit, influence your family's decision on where your son should attend HS.

Retread his comment, then think about what he said......do you think he may have a problem with the coach because his kid doesn't play? Do you really think the admissions at Kellenberg are impacted by their lacrosse coaching staff? Is he spending too much on athletic talent? Lax balls? Are their uniforms too nice? How in God's name do you tie the lacrosse coach to the schools finances?

It reads like that guy has listened to too many Donald Trump speeches.