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I will not have anything bad said about this player or any other.

I am warning you all to keep it civil.

The kid was obviously the BEST option for goalie and that is why he played. The coaches want to win, they do not want to coddle the parents.. Can't wait for these parents to see what happens in college.. lol

Get over it!!

Larry 100% agree. This kid was a great goalie earned a lot of accolades. Never did I say a bad thing about him so don't know where the reference to an attack is coming from.

The issue at hand is a person insists that if a program has 10th graders on JV its a weak program. Really logically explain that to me. How many programs have 10 freshman and 10 sophomores playing up on Varsity. If a program is strong it has enough talented players in each grade to field a good JV and Varsity team. They dont need to rely on underclassmen to make varsity competitive. In the instance that there is a player that is good enough to be moved up they will be as a freshman sophomore even an 8th graders. Most good coaches would prefer to allow players to physically and mentally develop on JV. They are attacking Port JV for having Sophomore players. Not everyone is good enough to play Varsity in 9th or 10th. Some kids have to develop and mature. Yet this asshat keeps attacking Port and it's JV program and Varsity. I give an reasonable answer and they act like a child.

You are defending 10th graders playing on PW JV by ridiculing programs that bring up 8th, 9th and 10th graders by saying they are weak programs that is why the have to bring up younger players.

Syosset started 2 10th graders on attack, 1 LSM, 1 SSDM and 1 Close D - they beat PW varsity handily and Syo JV beat PW JV handily, logic says that the JV score could have been much worse if the Syo 9th and 10th graders played JV and not varsity - so please just admit that Syosset is not a weak program and we can be done with this.

I do think it is telling is if a 10th grader plays JV when an 8th grader or Freshman is pulled up to varsity ahead of the 10th grader, even if they don't see much time. I don't think it states if the JV is weak, being pulled up is a player by player / position by position situation.

Is it a death sentence for a 10th grader, of course not, does it test your metal; absolutely. These kids grow at such fluid rates it could be different year to year. But of course this is LI you don't get better by reclassing and giving your player an extra year. On LI, usually the younger player will also get better too. This is the summer time to get yourself bigger faster stronger. Who puts the work in usually sets players apart - at least the good ones!!!

Great post. You can have a player brought up early due to a lack of player at a certain position. Happens a lot. You can also have a great player that doesnt get much time or brought up because he is a lefty attack and a team has 2 great lefty attack players. So underclass player who is very good will play with JV and practice with varsity. Thats how you improve. Yes those who work hard usually get better and recognized. And, there are underclass players who are very deserving of being brought up, but there are those who are brought up for reasons other than being stud players..

You twisted my words, I unequivocally do not think practicing with varsity to ONLY play JV is a good thing. Maybe you get a game or two against tougher JV teams that is all. If you are good enough to practice then you are a varsity player riding the pine or not.

What I think you are alluding to though are mommy and daddy's with Rose colored glasses. In my experience the older players parents are the ones who's glasses are most shaded, usually with a tint of jealousy.

and I know what i am talking about been there with 3. 2 playing up as 9th and 1 as 8th