But you still haven't articulated why club is ruining the game as a whole. Remember, Lacrosse is not only played on LI anymore, and club may be the only option for thousands of kids who don't have a strong local or school program. Believe it or not, even on LI, one of the hotbeds, there are numerous districts which don't have a strong local youth/school lacrosse program. And that's right here on LI. You don't like the fact that these kids wear the wrong helmets to practice. OK, I agree with you there. The coach should put a stop to that. When my kid does the local summer clinic with the high school players/coaches, all of the boys wear the town/school colors and not their club. As a matter of fact, my son plays on one of the bigger club programs here on the Island and the boys on his team wear their high school helmets to club practice! Look, club isn't for everyone, its expensive and involves a lot of time and travel. For some people it works out, for others it doesn't. I will agree that on LI club has become a ridiculous racket, with kids leaving their town programs to play for a C team and get coached by teenagers. That is why I said buyer beware. I still don't think either of your reasons are well articulated cause and effect. Plenty of kids playing in the NCAA today who would not be there but for club lacrosse. You don't like it - we get it, but what is good for you might not necessarily be good for everyone else- and vice versa.
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I will give you one reason why club teams are ruining the game. What about town pride?? I grew up in a blue collar town but had a great team. I am proud of where I grew up and when ever asked I say it with pride (2 t . the i). The other day I watched a game and all the kids were wearing different helmets from their club teams. The haves and have nots. What happened to school colors.

Brings me to my second reason. People figured out they can make a lot of money off everyone who thinks there kid is the next best thing. Even the equipment companies joined in by raising prices on everything. Do you know all equipment is made the same and do you know what it cost to make a plastic head?? Because of this parents (some anyway) can not afford to buy 2 helmets.