Nisky played Warwick and Mamaroneck before playing SYO. Syo had one lone game against SE who they beat quite easily. Whats your point? SYO had a much tougher road? Sorry try again. Yes the competition on LI is very good, but the upstate teams can play. If Nisky were in SUffolk or Nassau A they would be right in the mix every year, as would be Victor, West Genny, and plenty of others. I have a question, how did the LI teams do OFF Long Island this year against ranked opponents? Other than St A and Chaminade I cant think of one LI team that traveled off LI. Did any of the LI Publics even travel off LI this year? LI doesnt dominate anymore like in years past, the rest of the country is catching up and catching up fast. [/quote]
Are you kidding me guy? Get this straight, Long Island DOES NOT need to travel ouit of Long Island. Besides MD we dominate in Lax. Yes, there are good Ct, NJ, Pa, and Upstate teams, but if you take the top 50 Lax schools on Long Island, nowhere besides Md even comes close. We would consistently smoke upstate. Keep dreaming though. [/quote]

Not even close, sorry. So first off, no one is saying the teams need to travel, Im saying they SHOULD travel. Wouldnt you like to see how our teams stack up against the rest of the country? Dont you think that it benefits the teams that do it? As for your top 50 comment, please stop, there are maybe 20 quality programs on Long Island, the rest are mediocre at best.


Lest we forget that in 2015 Syo had to also beat Pequa in the Nassau Class A final. A Pequa team that was defending 2014 Class A NYS Champs who were riding a 34 game winning streak.