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I heard the Manhasset parents were so over the top this year with yelling at the refs (Manhasset never committs any infractions evidently) and even with parents on other teams and sometimes between Manhasset parents. What a pressure cooker. My guess is that they were expecting a state championship starting the minute last season ended because of an overrated attack that can only produce against wallflower opponents. And now they can't seem to process what everybody else had already known. I would have loved to have been at Hofstra just to see the meltdown of the Manhasset parent faces during the last 10 minutes. Delicious.

Well since you weren't there I'll let you know whoever you heard from is either imaginary or someone with an axe to grind. I used to live in Manhasst, I have zero affiliation with MHS, and I went to game just for the heck of it. I sat with the parent of a player from six years ago, in the east side seating two or three rows up on the 50. I can assure you there was no yelling at refs, no yelling at opposition, just words of encouragement for their own team.

I will say I was a touch surprised at the Manhasset collapse, and didn't feel like I was watching any future collegiate superstars. Questionable decisions on attack and slow feet on defense.