Your kid must be really good or the varsity team is need of players because of school size. How do the coaches move up a kid in 9th grade to varsity unless they are a week hs team. How did the base his level of play? Did they base it on middle school games. If your kid deserves to be there then great. I've seen teams move up kids to varsity and play a position other then what he plays. The reality is that there are kids that are clearly better at the position then the kid they brought up that are kept down. Number one it's not fare to the other kids that are true to that position. Looks like varsity is doing a favor to someone. Go sit in your corner. You know the truth. You do for me I do for you. If I'm wrong then I apologize but I think this guy is full of it. Good luck to your son. Hope all goes well for him and he deserves to be there. One thing be true to yourself and don't sugar coat it.