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Check out the MSG Varsity website and their footage of the CSH-Manhasett game...CSH coach punches a kid in the helmet while they were in a huddle. The guy is nuts and this has to be the final nail in his coffin.

It was a love tap...cut it out. Coaches do that a lot and kids do not mind at all. Neither should the parents.

Oh my, just checked it out.

Not that I am against or for it but if you thought the "little" forearm from Princeton coach was too much you wont like this. (yes a bit different because opposing team)

Wouldn't call it a punch but would call it good either. If you call it a "love tap"... yeah, like my dad loves me but if I talked back to him he slapped me one. and no coaches don't do that anymore.

If I had a nickel for every time my H.S football coach hit me up side the helmet or grabbed my face mask to make sure I understood him I would have about $2.00. The funny thing is it isn't the boys who complain but the wussy helicopter parents.
It amazes me that we had 19 yr. old platoon leaders during WW 2, guys who never left their town before going overseas. We baby the crap out of these kids, but they can take it if you let them. The problem is the parents, let your boys grow up and be men. They will be fine. The umbilical cord was cut a long time ago.