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Aren't CSH and Bronxville very small schools? Why is Class A power Syo having difficulty with such small schools?

What makes you think Syosset is any good? When was the last time they won a state championship? They talk the best game in town but when you look at their trophy case, only participation medals.

Is that what they are calling Nassau county championships and Long Island Championships ?? Participation medals ? Wow , these poor kids are killing themselves all season to have you , someone who at their age couldn't imagine playing at their level , knock the hard work they are all putting in to call themselves Long Island Champions. I don't know what your school did last year and how far their lacrosse season went but I am damn proud of our team for winning and know that a Long Island Champion is no participation medal. At least not in Class A against pequea and smithtown east. There is no easy road there. Give credit to kids where credit is due.
As to the "Syosset parent" who keeps jumping on here talking about giving out shalackings, you people fall for it every time .... Do u even notice that they wait for the Syosset talk to die down and as soon as it does they say something just to get people to lash out against Syosset again. Happens every few pages , watch the pattern and it's the same quick senseless comment just to get ppl to start slamming the same town.
That's the problem with thiese anonymous boards, believe less than half of what u read , the fact that someone would come on here and say that kids are turning on each other for playing time ....makes me sick that people would blatantly lie about this especially when it has to do with the kids . The 3-4 parents that are causing trouble and upset are no different than any other varsity team on Long Island , only difference is they can't understand that their kid is on the sideline bc they would be better off on JV where it is age appropriate and would get all the playing time they could want . But it's all about the parents ego. You can't have it both ways .