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Which programs have the best new crop of ready fro varsity Freshmen coming in?
Must consider Cham & St. A's even though they take talent from all over and never bring them up for varsity.


The fact that someone is asking this question shows the lack of quality among even the stronger HS programs. If these programs are bringing up "a crop" of 9th graders HS lacrosse is really watered down. There are very few if any 2019's who would start on the top 2018 club teams. Forget about starting on the 2017 or 2016 teams.

The better HS programs bring up freshman so they can play in blowout games

the better HS programs that bring up freshman do it for a variety of reason, kids get better practicing against better players, better practice coaching, experience that will be needed down the road and keep the team "better" for years to come and in some cases the freshman help the teams win that year.