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Check out the MSG Varsity website and their footage of the CSH-Manhasett game...CSH coach punches a kid in the helmet while they were in a huddle. The guy is nuts and this has to be the final nail in his coffin.

It was a love tap...cut it out. Coaches do that a lot and kids do not mind at all. Neither should the parents.

This made me laugh. Decades ago, when Chaminade played football at Hofstra, the head coach (Tom Kiley) was caught on video tape also. We had scored, and as the players on the sideline were celebrating and running from one end of the sideline to the other, Kiley was trying to get the extra point play from the coaches up in the booth. Back then the phone was just that, a handset with a cord. Well John Sherman got tangled up in the cord, and as her ran he was pulling the handset away from Kiley's ear. Kiley fought the tension as long as he could until he turned and whacked Sherman on his helmet three or four times.
You could lip read on the tape, "Goddamn it Sherman!!!!".

He was so wrapped up in the game he didn't even remember it. We told him we had the proof, my Mom filmed everything, and showed it at team dinner at end of season. Actually we showed it about 20 times that night, as it had the whole room cracking up.

No one was hurt, no one was upset, no public outcry....just a bunch of teenagers laughing with their coach.