Why does everyone hate early recruiting?
It is not as bad as it seems.
Keeps coaches honest-High school-
Believe me High school coaches have all the power. In most towns you can not even state opinion without it effecting your sons playing time.
Why do you think high school coaches hate early recruiting-because they loose some of that power.
If a kid is an early recruit to a top 20 team- there is a reason for if-He is a good lacrosse player.
Everyone is saying early recruiting does not help out teams- Helped BU- early recruiting got them in top 20 in third season.
What is best for players and family is have playing field as even as possible. Early recruiting is helping that.
Perennial powers now have to compete for players -how is that a bad ting?
There will always be corruption- not all high school teams play the best players- there are friends, political connects etc. If you do not belive that then you are a fool.