Kids were in their room on a road trip to play Bridgewater-Raritan and didn't miss a team dinner it was at 4pm. The AD caught them.

The coach should not be fired. Stop blaming other people for the actions of kids. Coach is not their parent. He can only do so much. Yet again we are a society that blames everyone else for the actions of our kids rather than take responsibility ourselves. The kids screwed up and they know it and so do their parents.

As for the performance of the team: How in the world can you blame the coach for everything? He plays the best competition regardless of what players he has, he ducks no one. FYI his teams always perform well. For all you parents who never played a D1 sport please listen to me. The coaches coach their system and what they think will work. If your kid doesnt play the way he tells him he will ride the bench. College coaches dont care if you were an All American in High School. Its his job on the line with wins and losses. Why am I bringing this up. Your coach prepares these kids for college ball better than any coach I have seen. Does he run a slow it down offense that is a bit boring to watch absolutely. If they let him go there will be a huge line of schools wanting his services. This guy places more kids in colleges than any high school coach.

Syosset 3-6 L
Smithtown West 6-8 L
Massapequa 8-10 L
St. Pauls 7-6 W
Bellevue WA 5-4 W
Bridgewater-Raritan 6-9 L

Thats a pretty demanding schedule. They have yet to play a conference game.

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