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Craig is great but the without the community supporting the Lacrosse program they wouldn't be able to compete. WI community supports LAX from when their kids are in diapers..
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[quote=Anonymous]I have always been amazed at the how the better lax teams/schools have vocalized their issues. SWR a few years ago, the recent bickering in 3village or GC, ow Syo and Port going at it. Sayville swiftly booting the coach. and lets not forget CSH slap gate. All of these schools are relatively in the mix. Year after year.

I am sure you have other towns with their issues but never airing their grievances out here. Do they have class and take things in house and note spew venom publically or are they just okay to live with the notion of mediocre!

You do not see West Islip or Farmingdale griping and I guess you can describe them as mediocre if you have never seen a,lacrosse game before. Over the past 20 years just wins and no excuses but the West Islip parents are tough to listen to.

Nope, Wi goes under the title of "there are issues but they keep it in house". A few years back when they were doing just as well there were posts on here but coach Craig does an amazing job with that community.

Farmingdale really want to get started there.

Craig has them wrapped around his finger..if you miss his summer league you might as well quit because you are behind the 8 ball. Must be great being the puppet master over these kids and parents. Play travel and not for him is looked down upon. That's the truth

Has anyone played club over the summer team ? Not that I recall. I think that has happened at WM, but not WI. As long as summer team came first, and club was second you were good. With the state of ER, I think it is a matter of time before a kid chooses club first because of the better exposure. If the kid has the talent to play at a Top 20 school I don't think I could fault them.