I'm going to tell you why farmingdale lost. I've seen it time and time again with hs teams that do it again and again. Coaches make mistakes as well as the players. When you have a day that's 85 and the turf is 95 to 100 degrees it's impossible for these kids to finish strong. They get tired. I'm not going to sit here and say they didn't try hard. You can't run four to five middies on a day like that and expect them to be fresh in the end. I knew farmingdale was going to run out of steam and loose. They do it all the time. Stay loyal to the 14 to 15 kids and go down hill at the end. They do it all the time. It's amazing how they don't learn from their mistakes. Give credit to pequa for not giving up. Give credit to famingdale for giving all they had. Great job by the goalies from both teams but farmingdale goalie kept them in that game. Stupid plays on D, pressing to hard on O and not being able to win on face offs. The attack man got away from his game and tried to hard to do it by himself. Pequa keyed on him in the first half, he was able to feed others and that's why they were up at the half. Totally got away from that style of play in the second half and that's why they lost. Be real people. Anyone that was at that game knows exactly what I mean. A lesson to all coaches, kept kids rested throughout the game and the results would have been different.