I asked a ref last night about your post and he told me that the rules as they currently are written says that regardless of a schools total population and the size of a teams roster both teams are only allowed to play 10 players at a time, it is a quality not quantity question. I don't know about Bronxville but the CSH 10 are pretty damn good. [/quote]

Bronxville and CSH are two of the best small schools in the state. Having a small school just makes it harder to field a great lacrosse team, and a lot fewer of the small schools can do it. But for those that can, they will be just as good as a large school. Its still the same sport. [/quote]

CSH is ranked nationally, small school doesn't matter if they continue to have a solid lacrosse program. [/quote]

That and Syosset is eternally overrated. [/quote]

They did win the Long Island championship and lose in the state semis to the eventual winner. Lets try and be fair here [/quote]

Victor won, they lost to a different team. Victor will win it all again. The upstate area is much hotter than LI now, maybe because
they don't buy into all the BS and just play the game! [/quote]

Youre right they lost to Niskayuna who lost to Victor. Upstate lacrosse has always been good, West Genny was a dynasty at one point.