lots of opinions and statement of "facts" being posted but I only know what I saw with my own two eyes and heard from my son who is on the team, they have turned these "special patriotic" uniforms in after games in the past, they are not their regular uniforms and are collected after games that they are worn in and yes they turn them in dirty and smelly. My son went to his locker after turning in the uniform grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and left, most kids did the same, some kids had warm ups or sweats but a few did go home in boxers or compression shorts but very few and not the whole team and it is no different then what they would wear to the park or to the beach. This is a pile of hot steaming BS but they also got Al Capone on tax evasion so I think the lesson learned is if they (disgruntled parents) want to get a coach they will keep trying and trying until they get him on anything.

I assume that when they assistant coaches are in charge all 50 kids will play equal time and everybody will be happy and well clothed