The pussification of our boys is real. Everyone gets a trophy, equal playing time crap that is being jammed down our throats by these over zealous parents who never played a sport in their lives. Now they feel everything needs to be equal. Life is not fair or equal. Some are meant to excel in the classroom others on the field of play and in the rare instance in both. Why is it that it's ok to categorize students in the classroom with grades but not alright on the field of play. I played a D1 sport in college and the right of passage as a freshman was part of the process. This went on in high school also. It created a common bond with upperclassmen who went through the same things. I will never trade the times I had on and or off the field with my teammates. Now it's called bullying. Fire this coach, sue that guy if your child doesn't get equal playing time. How about teach them to work hard and work at the thing they love. Have passion and fall in love with the process (training to be great) not whining about equal playing time and trophies.

Just the look at our society. Safe space because words hurt our feelings. People scream and yell for individualism but it's more like they want an androgynous society where women are more like men and men are like women. No dodgeball in school, everything is bullying. It seems as if all the people who were good and bad at dodgeball turned out to be good people and actual upstanding individuals in our society. Ask anyone from our greatest generation and they will tell you our youth have become soft, blood sucking leeches, with no respect for anyone or anything. We can't blame the kids because as parents we are enabling and creating these crybabies or crybullies. For those who don't know this term it's someone who always cries they are being bullied because of what they believe in but use bullying tactics if you don't agree with them. Am