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Hhe great game - i think not - blown out - they are not very good
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Some great game on the docket for today
Quot v Nport
Cold spring Harbor v Syo
HHHW v Calvert
WM V Sachem N
Lindy v Floyd

Hen Hud v Pville
Yorktown v Mahopac (Mahopac lost to Nport by 2)

I think Calvert Hall scheduled the wrong Hills team. 19-3 ?, way to represent Section 11. I think Brentwood would have played it closer.

Suffolk A! Toughest league in the country.

The 8th grade early recruit (commit) had 6 & 4 in his first High School Game.
10 points in his first ever varsity start. Could you imagine what he would do against lesser competition.
He plays in Suffolk A, the toughest league out there.
His 8th grade club team would beat many of the teams in the league.