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I find it very interesting that this whole GC fiasco hasnt drawn any media attention. Not one peep on social media or the regular print, TV or digital media. I guess they did a good job of keeping it in house.

On a separate note, interesting article from the Washington Post about a Senior lax player at the Bullis School in MD that got thrown out of school for recording a video in which he made racist comments. Kids parents claim he was reciting a scene from a Tarantino movie and didnt know he was being recorded. Kid was 2 months from graduating...........

Garden City keeps all of that under wraps so the keep the real estate prices up and maintain the phoney fašade of the perfect little Village. They are all in on the scam, the Village Board, the Administrator, the cops, the school board and the bogus local newspaper. It is a diabolical plot, but I have to give them credit that it works.