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Probably because they were paid to cut off the part where Farmingdale CHOKED and threw away the game. All comes down to HORRIBLE coaching. So much talent in the dale but you can't win championships with over rated coaches. Two years in a row they were up by 5 goals and blew it in the 4th quarter. The LAX Hall of Fame called, they want their trophy back.

I'm a coach in Suffolk so truthfully I could care less. But you obviously have an issue with the coaching. But I can tell you Farmingdale is not as good as Massapequa. Your judgment is cluded. Watched the game on MSG varsity. Your goalie stood on his head in the first half. You got owned on faceoffs. Your midfielders are not as good. You have 3 great players. Massapequa has one star better than your three and the rest of the team top to bottom is better. Want to know why you lost? Because an attackman couldn't put away what should have been the your 10th goal and then you couldn't clear the ball. You cannot expect your star goalie to make all the saves. Teams think they are better than they really are when your goalie keeps you in all the games. I know it hurts losing to a rival. But a reality check is in order.