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Another blanket statement with No factual information. Your opinion on why kids attend St Ant's is just that. Your opinion.
No one cares.....
My son is academically and athletically talented,does not live close to St Ant's and is having a great experience at St Ant's.
BTW,was also accepted into Chaminade as well as another private Catholic
Please don't make assumptions,they make you sound very ignorant.

Haha, keep pretending! Trust me, education sub par. Teachers working there could not get jobs in public, so they took what they could for 1/2 pay. FACT!

You are mentally disturbed, FACT. My niece is an ND grad with honors, went to St. A's and chooses to teach there. Please, just stop already. BTW my son goes to public school, a very highly rated one. Many of the teachers there are tenured, lazy, union malcontents... That my friend is a FACT!

If the teaching is so great, why do half the kids have to hire public school tutors? I'm sure there are a few good teachers there, but the fact is most were not hired at publics, so this was the best they could do. Would rather my son go to a school where the teachers are certified. Sports are good there, academics, not so much. If so, they would have a decent amount of AP scholars, or an IB program, or a kid that places in a nationally recognized academic contest. These rarely, or never happen at ST. A, but do a regular basis at the better publics. Dem be da FACTS! St. A lax will not beat any of the better publics this year, and will loose badly to Cham, so why bother?