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[quote=Anonymous]Didn't you hear Syosset has to get past Port Wash. Don't you dare jump to the conclusion that they would play prequa for Nassau class A championship. Lol. Quick is a jerk. He and his MSG buddies are shills for StAnts, Chammy, GC, Set and Pequa. No offense they are all great programs but you would think according to these guys that Syo does not even exist.

Yikes, I agree, if anyone watches any of "Mr. Lax" guy, Syosset does not get mentioned in ANY of his playoff coverage ZERO not one word. He couldn't pick a lacrosse game if he knew the results ahead of time.

My guess is it's because of the parents..he knows how bad they are and is taking it out in the kids . Just because the parents are fools is no reason to do that. I'm sure most people on here would agree