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America's Game - there are more then two people in this thread - one knocking PW - one poorly defending PW and one (me) using logic and facts to prove my point - and yes by defending PW he/she is knocking other towns that bring up younger players>

"Coaches bring up underclassmen to Varsity because mommy and daddy complain" (hardly a compliment to the kids being moved up)

"If a program is strong it has enough players in each class that are good and should start" (implication is if they move up players the program is weak)

Your initial argument was that Port JV had 10th graders on team meant team was weak. I think you are selectively reading and comprehending what you want. What I read is if a JV team has 10th graders on it its weak. Thats what you said. As for coaches placating parents all the person said it happens but these players ride the bench. The ones that were brought up for reasons other than being studs.

Look you are always bashing Port. We can tell as Moderators who posts what and from where. You don't like Port and that's fine but your incessant attacks are getting boring.