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Better yet, get your son committed as early as possible. Sit back and watch the show. Play, don't play, who cares. Keep your son's chops up by playing in summer. With the exception of a hand full of districts, HS ball is god awful. Total step down from summer ball, coaches, kids and parents that have no clue. Parents hoping and praying there kids get some kind of HS glory... on a 6-8 mid level HS team. Total waste of time. I think if someone could put together a spring alternative for the highly competitive player, you probably could put together a few really good teams on LI. make it an alternative to the HS season. Go and play private prep schools. Would be such a great alternative to this garbage. Most of kids would be commits, so playing time could be spread out. No issues, no pay to play BS, no politics, just competitive lacrosse for competitive players. Please spare the HS glory crap. Like I said, with the exception of a hand full of teams. I know there are some good programs, ours, and many, many other aren't one of them.

Holy Hit the nail on the head, Batman!!