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You don't play the best 14 or 15 because they haven't played the full game all year. They haven't played in the heat like that either. I bet your son is one of the best also. Don't care what team it is you have to be able to run at least 6 middies. It can cost you later on. Overall great game to watch.if you could put together three middie lines just think how much more dangerous you could be as a team that runs 5 middies. I'm just using middies cause they run the most.

Use 3 middie lines in playoffs and your season would have been over weeks ago! It's not a summer toeunament with 3 games in 6 hours. It's one game!

If I had my wish a stacked team with a shorten bench looks like this!

1 GT
5 poles
2 ssd
2 lsm
2 f/o
6 mids (5/6 used sparingly)
5 Att (5th is usually O middie)