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Wow has the lacrosse world changed over the past few years. There are approximately 100 2019 verbal commitments. I would guess 95% have not played a Varsity game.

It looks like every single one of the kids play Club.
There are approximately 30 Clubs represented.
Sweetlax, Laxachussets, Big 4 HHH, and Edge are leading the pack. Express, Madlax, Crabs, 91 and some others are not far behind, all have multiple commits.

About 20 DI Schools have at least one 2019 commit. The usual suspects have as many as 13.

I would guess that 15 - 18 of the current Top 20 have at least one freshman committed and just about all of the Top 30 - 40 schools were actively recruiting the class of 2019 this past summer and fall.

You gotta be in it to win it. Crazy.

And let's hope 70% of them transfer, so the madness will end.