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WM losses to a better WI team by a few goals. 8-6 -r 9-7 not sure.

WM coach deserves all credit, again. he has a very decent team but his decision making is poor, bordering on horrible...

WM coach insists on second middy line being all sophs--all good/great kids and all committed, but none have ability to make a move, dodge, and score at this level, out weighed by 20 pounds. ... completely insane...maybe try a senior and see what happens??? Insane...

FO---the WM coach has three committed kids at x FO, but instead puts in the all american wrestler for the last five, down a few goals...clearly, the coach hasn't changed with the times...coach-FO important now...60 -40 is better than a 50 50 ground ball, ask Syracuse, better yet, ask umass? where you played...


Just a poorly managed game. Is it possible that you take a minute and re-evaluate? You have a chance this season to win, but not if you make the decisions you made today. review the tapes, look at the replays, make sure the best are playing...or, stick to your guns and manage based on your relationships and the kids paying your summer tuition

WM-Good luck. Watch the tape!!!!

I watched the game on MSG and just read your post again.

No problem if you want to be critical of the coach but you are way out of line calling out players.

You are demanding seniors play yet your best offensive player is a freshman. You are demanding size yet some of the best players in the game are not very big. Lacrosse is not wrestling and weight has very little to do with a players success on the field.

I do not know about the players on the bench but I have to believe that the coach is playing who he thinks helps the team the most. Tell your son to keep working because you never know when you will get a chance to play. Make sure he is ready.

Who cares if a kid is a senior or freshman? Who cares if the player is committed or not? If the team is successful the coach is doing a decent job. If they lose or if kid plays poorly then I am sure changes will be made and other players will be given a chance.

Your comment regarding "paying your summer tuition" are the most concerning of all. It is bad enough that you think seniority should trump ability or performance but to believe that paying the coach should buy your son playing time is really very telling. Just one reason HS coaches should not be permitted to run for profit summer pay to play teams.