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Ok I think we have gone on with this topic long enough. Lets get back to high school lacrosse. This situation is truly an unfortunate one. Everyone involved has suffered, the players, the parents, the coaches, the AD, the school, and community. Garden City has a decorated lacrosse history and an event like this should not tarnish or completely destroy what they have accomplished in the past and going forward. All that we as lacrosse enthusiasts can do is hope that everything settles down and not forget there are other players who are still playing and they need the support of their community.

May I add that this is not unique to GC. We live very nice area, great school district, decent lax program. The drinking and pot smoking are out of control, you have no idea. The ones who are really bad, are the girls, 14-15 year olds drinking themselves into oblivion, passing out and puking. You can't even imagine, there's going to be a tragedy...

It is this way in most districts, mine included. I know my son has a couple beers, and does not drive while doing so . I'm ok with that. Luckily he takes after me and does not care for the other stuff. Although some lax buddies do. Not my business. Somehow they get out on the field and nail it. Just like Wall Street!