If I may rant for a minuet. Recently, on both the boys and girls high school threads, I have seen comments to people {being anonymous we don't know the ages or profession of anyone} about attending H.S. games. In some situations an attendee either didn't have a child on either team, or stayed at a tournament longer than some felt appropriate to watch other teams play, or traveled a distance some would see as too far, or voided a game for "scouting" purposes. These people were vilified by others, and even called derogatory names for watching a sport the love. Why is it only lacrosse parents do this. If someone went to watch a football game, or a basketball game between two good teams no one would care or say a word. Who are these parents to hijack a public sporting event and slander people for loving a sport. Are they the same people that complain that Lacrosse isn't popular enough and should receive more attention, while excluding anyone without a direct interest in any particular game. Shame on you for calling someone a "perv" or a "loser" for watching a game they love. I bet you're the same person making March Madness brackets at your office, does that also make you a
"perv" or a "loser" for watching that sport with no child involved. Maybe if we welcomed people into watch our children play the sport we all love it will grow and become bigger, instead of pointing fingers at people and calling fans names.