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Please stop. Manhasset coach is great. I love you people that moved into Manhasset and now call your town Set...Lived in GC all my life and have never heard anyone call their town Set until last year...The reason you are mad is that ur son sits on the bench where he belongs. The coach plays the best kids and wants to WIN all the time. Volunteer Asst also wants to win and you can see it when they coach..All Manhassets coaches are great and im proud to be friends with them. STOP ur crying and tell your son to get to a wall and practice.
Please elaborate - great? Great at what? development of talent? In game situations? Changing personnel? Discipline? No discipline? Seems to be a few comments on here from people who are closer to the situation. Nepotism? Is that really true? Have heard how good the attack at Set is, someone posted "superior". If true, how is it they are out? Haven't heard much about GC D being best in conference, let alone county. Set lost the big games on their schedule except one? With a superior attack and a great coach you would think they would still be playing. - 1 superior attackman on a team will not be able to carry team himself. 2 superior attackman should make a difference most of the time. 3 superior attackman on one team is extraordinarily rare and should be rolling along provided there is a good D and goaltender, which from what I understand they had. So is the coach great? Is it the attack's fault? Or could there be underlying issues that some of the other posts are indicating?