OK so whats being said if your not committed your not worthy of a spot. Please wake up. There are so many situations where there are plenty of great players who are not committed in 9th and 10th grade. If you happen to be on the right team with the right coaches who happen to have connections, you tend to get committed early. My sons team ranks with some of the best in his age group and we play all over. We have a number of committed players on his team and you usually can see the difference in their caliber of play. Every so often we play a team where they arent so heralded and there are players that are just great and they are not committed. Reason is they happen to play on a team that isnt going to all the Showcases or their coach doesnt have the invite to Philly Showcase or Maverick.

What I am trying to say is the best players are not always the ones committed. HS coaches are around the boys daily and see who or what they are. Maybe little Johnny committed isnt telling mom and dad that the uncommitted Junior or Senior is killing him on 50-50 balls or that because Johnny thinks he so good he doesnt need to try so hard at practice. How about the fact that the difference in actual talent is so negligible that the coach awards a player that has put in the time and is a team player and bustd his [lacrosse] day in and day out since 9th grade to start.