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To be clear my kid is in public. Last 3 goalie to graduate from Chaminade going to Duke, Army,Navy. Please stop the bashing it's a great school, that I wish my kid went to. He plays club with a lot of Chaminade kids, very nice, respectful, smart kids, 5sf5kyparents all good grounded people.

Would expect that from starters of any good program. Where did the bench riding goalies go?

Chaminade Goalies
2011 - Navy
2012 - Albany - Bates
2013 - Duke - Furman - Queens
2014 - Army
2015 - Binghamton - Providence
2016 - ND - Colby
2017 -
2018 - Duke

Like I suspected, only 1 per certain grad years went anywhere brag worrhy

Dont get what your point is. What program can say over a 20 year span it has had 12 goalies go to play lacrosse at the level Chaminade has had. This is over just 8 years and 2017 goalies have not committed yet. I would say thats pretty impressive.

The point is the top public programs also commit goalies, as well as other positions to very good programs, not just Chaminade. It's always got to be a contest, Chaminade groupies constantly beating their chest that they are better, their kid's go to better schools, etc. I only see 2 (3 boys) nationally ranked top 20 universities on that list, if we are talking college rankings. Not putting down any of the others, they all have their own strengths/fit for the student-athelte,