How many at Harvard were caught cheating? Not smoking pot?
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I know everything about the game and how it works. The sign of a good coach is not only getting the ones who stand on their own and are the best on the team into decent colleges but the second and third tier players. List where all these kids are attending these elite schools. Except for Harvard which was established a few years back not many others are there. He throws away those kids like garbage and moves on to the next. 5-6 kids tops go to what you would call top elite schools. The rest fight for spots on their own at a D3 school. More than 60% if they are still playing are at D3 schools. If the didnt play for fl$ or EXPRESS Orange they are on their own. How many are going to Harvard next year ?? Or any other top tier team ? Not counting those who are taking a detour either which is becoming the norm at GC