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So the Syo coach got suspended for one game for making the team walk off the bus in their underwear. What should be done to the Port Athletic Director for having the team drive to last nights game in their personal cars because the bus didn't show up. She is the worst A D on Long Island. She has run the athletic program into the ground with her incompetence. The community was sold a bill of goods to pass a 90 million dollar bond to improve the facilities and it is two years and nothing has been done. The ceiling has collapsed in the lacrosse locker room the athletic fields are crap including the turf, which was privately funded by the community, is in terrible shape because of not being properly maintained. I can go on and on but until the community bands together and demands that the Board of ED removes her it is going to be business as usual. In my opinion the above mentioned is far more of a concern than a 9th grader that is going to take time away from upper classmen.

If you have a problem with your AD why bring it up here. Why bring Syosset into it. Go to your schools board and discuss the situation. Stop airing your crap on here. It gets nothing accomplished in regards to the problem and it also is just childish. Can we talk lacrosse please. All this crap is coming from the same people.