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The above poster ranting about the HC from GC has to be a disgruntled dad who is pissed his little Johnny didnt get on the field when he was in HS. Stop living through your kids. GC parents all know who you are...Yes you are not liked as a dad or parent. You have been complaining for years and now you come on here and voice your opinion. HC did nothing wrong. Kids and parents are to blame. Hc is getting the boys ready to play at the next level. Stop being a wuss...You dont like your kid being yelled at but its OK for him to smoke weed at a school event...Get off your soap box and look in the mirror...you are the REAL PROBLEM

never argue with idiots. first they drag you down to their level and then they beat you with experience. thus; I wont debate you.

try reading the entire post before you blast off; reading comprehension is a must.