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stop complaining about the officiating and enjoy a hard-earned win. officiating, good and/or bad is part of the game just like injuries, and every team finds itself on either side of questionable call or two during a season. there were no flagrant bad calls at the end of the game. you won - enjoy it and move on. there are about 5 or 6 teams in this division that could beat any other team on any given day. nobody has separated themselves from the pack regardless of their record. if you think im wrong, you haven't been watching enough Suffolk A lacrosse. Congrats, and get back to work

I am not from Quott, saw and admired them last year. Saw them get no credit and saw the game. They deserved the win. Who knows what happens the next few days, and yes I have been watching plenty all over the state and from week to week you never know what is going to happen because their is no consistency but it is all good.

As far as refs, Quott gets raw deal. Think Jordan rules. I will say if a hit like what happened at the end of the East/West game up top middie to middie (which wasn't called against east - not sure if a call should have been made - but if it was a player from Quott against anyone it is called) and yes I have watched plenty of A games.

I'll post later about what is happening in Nassua C next. All over the island.