The level of entitlement is mind-boggling.

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I thought you had to show up to both nights of UA tryouts to make the team. What a joke! That team was picked and influenced way before tryouts started. The kids even heard someone (adult) say it at all star game. Same old lacrosse BS


Unfortunately, the 1st night of UA Tryouts conflicted with both the Nassau County and Suffolk County Lacrosse Awards dinner events. If you look at the Highlight Roster you will see at least 2 All-Americans as well as All-County (mostly 2X all-county) for most other public school kids on the team. As leaders on their respective teams it was important for them to be at these events.

So do you think all of these kids (who are likely the best kids on LI) not be eligible due to the conflict?


So thats fair to the kids that went both nights? Sorry, if you want to make a team and the tryouts are both nights, you should have to go both nights like everyone else. It actually doesnt matter in this case because this team was picked before the tryouts even started so this is a moot conversation.