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Did you really delete a post about a 21 year old man (no names or identification) who is a quasi celebrity in our small lax community who was screaming and cursing at 15 and 16 year olds at a game? please explain the logic? If he did not want negative attention drawn to himself he should not have stood on the rail the whole game yelling at HS kids that they F&*%6 S&*#

-just sayin

yes I did because its hearsay. Its like me saying so and so was a drunken fool on the sideline. Anyone can be targeted.

In that case everything on this site is heresay because that's all people do is say things and it's posted without any proof and that's always allowed through and kept on this site. Btw not exactly heresay when in this case everyone from port and syo saw and heard it happening and for some insane reason the PW supervisors did nothing. Unacceptable, embarrassing behavior . Any other town /person and I guess the post would have been kept on BOTC for all to see.