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No way he should be suspending- are you kidding me!!!!
He did that for whatever reason to humiliate the players.
That is not good coaching- it is absolutely horrible.
Coaching is getting you players to play 100% all the time which is not easy
Screaming at, humiliating or intimidating players never works- players play scared.
the x and o are the easy part of coaching
Some not all of the players were absolutely humiliated by walking out in their under wear
It could - not saying it will- have lasting effect on team
Time will tell
Measuring a coach by his wins is not always the best indicator of his coaching ability- Talent can make up for a lot of bad coaching decisions and Syosset has a lot of talent.
That was an absolute horrible coaching decision and in most towns he would not be coaching anymore

Before you make comment learn the facts about what happened!!!!!