"Why is the CSH dad so obsessed with the score? You lost,Waa,Waa! We're overrated to begin with and now exposed. Got lucky against Syosset, would not happen again!"

LOL. you are funny. Now you can predict the future. And yes, I'm sure Syosset is the only school out there that has improved and developed as the season moves along. We got you this year and the majority of the last 10. That is a fact that has nothing to do with being over rated. "We're" did you mean "we're" as in Syosset is overrated or were you trying to communicate "were". Bafoon. Syosset-Land of "I want, Gimmie, Take, we beat Chaminade in a pre-season scrimmage last year and now...undewear." HAHAHAH Go pequa, please beat them to take the county.