If GC played a soft non-conference schedule like most teams. would you think they were great? Say what you will, but it's undeniable that they don't hide and are competitive in every game regardless of the roster. They won back-to-back state titles as recent as 2012-2013. It's impossible to win championships every year in any sport (Yanks, last World Series 2009?) As far as the 'pipeline' is concerned, their JV team hasn't been able to find a team that can come within 10 goals of them. You are terribly misinformed. It may be a bit premature to call for the demise of GC lacrosse.

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GC lost again today. Like I said earlier could be starting season 0-5 before getting first win. Offense is pathetic. Someone needs to tell coach when you are losing and there is only 6 min left in the game you need to go to the cage not work the ball around 5 times before getting a shot. But then again he doesn't have the talent like in the past so he actually has to do some coaching. Going to be a long 3 years in GC before things turn around. Nothing in the pipeline.