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I will explain it slowly to the appalled Chaminade lovers. Because the Chaminade lacrosse parents are so pompous, its total gloat time. Because in order to send your kid there to play lacrosse, you think your kid is pretty darn good to begin with. You know 100+ kids are going to be at the tryouts. But you send him anyway. They would rather their kid not play on a winner, than play at home or another private on what the parents see as inferior. It's only when their superstar kid gets cut do they start complaining. Maybe their kid could make a lesser program great (ie. the Thompsons go to Albany vs Syracuse). But it easier to join a proven winner (a la 91 and Express) and puff your chests how you dominate people. Well its time for your comeuppance. A bunch of highly touted, big time D-1 committed "individuals" were beaten by a public school team and every non-Chaminade parent absolutely loves it. So when this happens and they can't puff out their chests proudly in their red apparel, they say, "well, we sent him for the academics anyway." LOL. One can only pray that the publics continue give the Big 2 trouble, and we can all watch from a far with a huge grin.

Not a Chaminade fan, but you really are a sad and pathetic loser with a serious inferiority complex. Probably never play the game at a competitive level either. Get a life and move on.