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That's a dumb post. If his team still is in it , you think he can't spend 1 hour to watch another game. And maybe his team lost in the semis . That's bad ? If it is a coach , I feel he is accurate . And BTW , I'm an assistant of a Nassau team that is out . I guess I can only analyze my team ...


Before u analyse any teams including ur own u need to reflect upon ur own coaching philosophy... Calling out what u consider failures on the field when the issue was poor coaching and game management are indicators of your poor character.

Every kid on both teams played their hearts out...

Grow up.

I'm commenting on another semi. Coach would not pull a kid who shot 13x and got one in. And let's not get started on the turnovers. The kid would pull himself out for the sake of the team at that point. Everyone has a bad day, coach needs to recognize and make an adjustment, not worry about "feelings"