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Which programs have the best new crop of ready fro varsity Freshmen coming in?
Must consider Cham & St. A's even though they take talent from all over and never bring them up for varsity.


The fact that someone is asking this question shows the lack of quality among even the stronger HS programs. If these programs are bringing up "a crop" of 9th graders HS lacrosse is really watered down. There are very few if any 2019's who would start on the top 2018 club teams. Forget about starting on the 2017 or 2016 teams.

I disagree now that I think about it. A 2019 can play on a 2016 2017 travel team especially if he was the only one. You are not talking about a team of 2019's verses a team of 2016 2017 but a well place player can play. Especially whe surrounded by experienced players.

I believe the post said "start" not just "play " on a "top" club team not just any "club" team. The post said there are "very few" it did not say none.

I agree with the poster as he was responding to a post that was asking "what programs have the best crop of ready for varsity 9th graders". By using the word "crop" he was implying many players. If the top HS programs on the Island have to bring up a bunch of 9th graders the programs are in fact watered down.
There are very few 9th graders who would "start" on the 2018 91 A Team.