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No, St Ants is still a great team and St Doms is not the premier catholic lax team. Why would you make the inference since that was never said. Seems like you are having trouble giving props on a well played game. The idiot who said it must have been the 2nd string just showed his ignorance and the facts were stated. No 2nd string for st ants. Starters played the entire game for St Ants. Doms played a very good game with no bench. How about applaud the David v Goliath effort when it happens (as infrequent as it might be). Don't worry, its ok.

Because I read about the egg they laid against Kellenberg. These are the games that both Chammy and St As try to empty their benches to keep their mommies and daddies happy with some playing time. Don't worry, its ok. Whatever helps you sleep at night.